The World Of Nadra

Artwork by David Petersen

Welcome, wayfarer, to the lands of Nadra, home to many a strange creature, wondrous tale, and ancient spell. Magic has always been a part of this land, its thread running unbroken through the tapestry of fate, though its power has changed hands many times over the ages. First to wield the elemental runes were the great dragons, feared by all who live under their shadow. Then there were the Wizards, mortals who stole the secrets of runeweaving and unraveled the power of the dragons, leaving them little more than beasts. But in time the Wizards, too, saw their supremacy crumble, and now the elemental threads are woven by folk of all kinds, all across Nadra. 

Once, great battles were fought in the fens of Risya, once the roar of dragonfire and thunder echoed in the mountains of Andras, once great heroes raised their names up into legend with their deeds, but just as the great conflicts of good and evil have faded into history, so too has the need for for those who would rise up and answer them. Now the strifes of Nadra consume not continents but towns and cities, and the business of its people has turned from great works to little things. Scholarship, runeweaving, culture and trade—all have flourished in recent years. True, evil still lurks in forgotten places and in the hearts of some folk, but it has yet to grow into anything ordinary folk cannot unravel with a steady hand, a strong word, or a well-placed sword…

Our story begins


In-ALL-e (she / her)

“I’ve heard some say scars are the mark of a true warrior, but wouldn’t a true warrior be better at not getting cut?”

A sellsword with a specialized skillset and few scruples, Inali has made a business of minding her own business. She enjoys the finer things in life—food, puzzles, and stimulating conversation—but has found herself feeling isolated after her last protegee moved on.


SELL-e-uh (she / her)

“You think I am some petty parlor mage who will weave you up a magic trick if you throw a penny in my cup, whose only dream in life is a warm bed in a boarding house in Andras?”

In exile from her homeland and hunted by dangerous forces, Selya has spent most of her life hiding from someone. But soon, all that will change—she has made a deal to live in fear no longer. All she needs to do is hold up her end of the bargain.


JASH-ur (he / him)

“Nightwardens work alone.”

Jasher has spent his life on the fringes of the civilized world, keeping a lonely vigil against the dangers of the wild. In recent years, however, he has found his gaze drawn more often within the walls of towns and cities than otherwise, as cruel hearts cast longer shadows than savage beasts.